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EPISODE 75 — Micah Rosenbloom, Managing Partner of Founder Collective

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Adam’s guest is Micah Rosenbloom, who joins for a lively discussion about the role of podcasting in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Micah is Managing Partner of the Founder Collective, an early stage venture capital firm that funded companies like Buzzfeed, Uber and Maker Bot. Podcast listeners may know him from his appearance on Gimlet Media’s StartUp podcast, in which he advised Gimlet founder Alex Blumberg to find a co-founder (he did). Micah talks about his first job out of college, working at the Endeavor talent agency, and how Hollywood does, and does not, resemble the venture capital world. He tells Adam how many people told him “I heard you on StartUp,” and then they discuss how podcasting can help entrepreneurs build their online persona and market themselves. Finally, Micah reveals his plans for a new podcast project with Midroll.

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