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EPISODE 85 - Marc Maron of WTF

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Marc Maron joins Adam for this instant-classic episode of The Wolf Den, recorded live on stage at Podcast Movement 2015. Marc shares his thoughts on having President Obama on his own podcast, WTF, and his take on the press coverage that only focused on the president using one particular word on that episode. He then tells the story of how he went from doing his show as “the alternative to suicide,” to having one of the most popular and respected podcasts around. Adam asks Marc if he was making any money early on, and Marc details the journey that started with getting free coffee from a roaster in Madison, Wisconsin, to the current successful formula of ad support and paid subscription archives. Marc then takes some audience questions about the moment when he knew WTF was more than just a personal outlet, the critical importance of making an authentic connection with guests, and his approach to marketing the show.

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