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Shyness is not the same thing as introversion. I'm very introverted but not the least bit shy. And dubner sounds as if he has the real introvert tendencies where as James is just too shy to be the extrovert he wishes he was.

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Yes, thanks for saying that, jdb21. Introversion means that one is energized when alone or with one or two other people, though this person can still 'act' like an extrovert. An extrovert gets energy while interacting with others. Social anxiety and shyness can be felt by people with either preference.

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You guys were way off base with your description of introversion! As other commenters have said, introversion and shyness are not the same thing.


The example of describing someone who is inherently afraid to speak up in meetings as an introvert is way off base. That's shyness or social anxiety. Assuming the two always go together is just plain wrong and harmful to introverts. I think this kind of generalization helps perpetuate the idea that there's one good way to be - outgoing and loud - and that everything else falls into the "weaker" category. It's possible to be an introvert and a natural leader in meetings when called upon.


Check your facts!

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