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Til There Was You

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I'd love to hear the HDTGM gang rip this movie apart. This must be one of the worst rom-coms ever made, and that's saying an awful lot. One of the most contrived stories ever put on screen, a cast that includes both Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker-and can someone please explain to me what's up with all the cigarette-smoking in this movie? Seriously, there seems to be an emphasis on smoking in this movie that's incredibly annoying and is totally effing pointless.


Here's the trailer, for anyone who'd be interested (though I don't know why):https://www.youtube....h?v=Rr6CIRxJq0I


And I just wanted to add that if this movie were made today, I could easily see Katherine Heigl in the Jeanne Tripplehorn part and some generic, untalented hunk in the Dylan McDermott part. This movie sucks. Ugh.

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Can someone please explain to me why this topic only has one reply after nearly three weeks-by myself?


And don't tell me it's because the movie's too obscure. Death Spa was a no-budget, indie B-movie that barely even got a release in theaters. Til There Was You was a high-profile wide release by a major studio featuring A-listers in its cast, and it was one of the worst movies of its genre ever produced. HDTGM should do a podcast on this cinematic abomination ASAP.

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We all have suggestions that either take a while to catch on or go nowhere. You're no exception so stop taking it personally.

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