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Can you Gift a HOWL subscription

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Hey there,


Unfortunately the way our backend is currently set up, we can't do gift subscriptions. But we hope to have a way to do this by next year.


For now, I've been telling people you could create an email address that is just for Howl, sign up and go through checkout, get the payments all set up. And then you can share the login information with the gift recipient.


Kinda clunky I know, but it might work better than nothing?


It makes me sooo happy to hear that people want to share Howl with others, and I hope we have a simpler way to do that for you in the coming months.

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Maybe get them a pre-paid gift card and put $25 or $60 on it and wrap it with a card that points to Howl.FM or something. That right there is a 6-month or 12-month gift. Plus the person getting it doesn't have to worry about money coming out of their account. They'll just have to switch payment options at some point.

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