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The Tourist


This film lacked grace, vision or any of the discerning amount of charisma its leads profess to embody. Eviscerate it, please.

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I just linked the writer and director of this to another film, and was blown away. He also wrote and directed The Lives of Others (German: Das Leben der Anderen), a 2006 film that came in at #32 on a just-released BBC poll of The 21st Century's 100 Greatest Films. Great film. In this context, it makes The Tourist an even larger turd than originally thought! At least it had a good financial run.





The Tourist (Budget: $100M, Box: $278M, RT: 20%)





The Lives of Others (Budget: $2M, Box: $77M, RT: 93%)


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The Lives of Others is a very good film, definitely worth seeing. I think the East/West German perspective is not well known to many Americans and I found it fascinating.


It's hard to tell if that movie was a fluke or not, because his second film was The Tourist and that totally killed his career -- he apparently hasn't worked since. I'm sure any young director would leap at the chance to direct two of the biggest movie stars of all time in a big budget Hollywood project; it would be very interesting to hear a post-mortem on his experience.

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Well said. I haven't seen The Lives of Others in years, but feel like it's time for another look. I actually looked the film up when I was randomly looking at historic Olympic medal counts and was reminded of East Germany. Weird.


The director's Wikipedia page is interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florian_Henckel_von_Donnersmarck

  • "His next film, The Tourist, which Donnersmarck re-wrote, directed and completed in under 11 months (telling Charlie Rose he had wanted a break from writing a dark screenplay about suicide)..." --What happened to it over the last five years? Did he just stop making it?
  • "2013 – Named Young Global Leader by the Davos World Economic Forum" --For...???
  • "In 2011, Donnersmark was honoured by the University of Oxford, his alma mater, as one of its 100 most distinguished members from 10 centuries. Other honourees included Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Saint Thomas More, John Locke, Christopher Wren, Adam Smith, Lawrence of Arabia, Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien and living university alumni Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton and Stephen Hawking." --Whoa

You're right on the post-mortem discussion. It would be really interesting to hear his experience going from a great film to the Tourist.

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