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Episode 66 — Where Do Babies Come From?

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Well, I guess it was time that someone had 'the talk' with Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast. It seems appropriate that it would be comedy legend Bob Odenkirk. Bob and Scott talk about the birds and the bees and the history of TV's and myths and legends regarding the band U2 and all the other questions a pre-pubescent comedy podcast might have. Comedy legend Bob Odenkirk talks a bit about his show Breaking Bad Kids on Naughty Nick and Scott helps comedy legend Bob Odenkirk out with his upcoming concept album 'Motown Bus Through Middle Eearth'. When an unexpected and unwelcome guest shows up, Scott really has to learn the meaning of 'host', with a helpful acronym from comedy legend Bob Odenkirk. This cliffhanger episode truly will leave you hanging…on a cliff.

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Thought I was listening to U Talkin' U2 to Me?: "This is good rock and roll, uhh, music." for a second during this episode.

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