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Episode 6 - Checkin In, Again...Again

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Marabel checks in with the neighborhood gals on their Complete Woman journeys. They practice roleplaying some common relationship scenarios, but things get frisky when a few very special guests crash their meeting.


With: Amanda Lund, Stephanie Allyne, Angela Trimbur, Maria Blasucci, Mark McConville, Matt Gourley, James Bladon




Here on Howl

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30 minutes ago, MmarieG said:

We need more of this! One of my favorite podcasts, please revive it! 😊

Amanda and Maria just launched their new podcast network Earios, and their press release includes this tidbit:


The Complete Christmas. Amanda Lund brings 1960’s love and marriage expert Marabel May to life in the highly-produced audio fiction series, The Complete Woman. This Christmas, Marabel May is back to enforce her suffocating rules of conduct on your holiday celebration. As if you weren’t on the verge of a breakdown already.

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