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Episode 1 - Firsts! W/ Ty Burrell, Rich's Daughter, Flip The Table

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Welcome to CARDBOARD! with Rich Sommer! In this first episode, Rich is joined by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell to talk about the NFL board game he played growing up, better Jenga, and being immortalized in the Modern Family Game. Rich also tells us about why Carcassonne is his Favorite Game of All Time Ever, This Week and which cocktail goes well with Red7 in the first installment of Cardboard and Cocktails. Later, Rich’s 7-year-old daughter Beatrice talks about why Sorry! Sliders is a good game for those new to board games and the boys of Flip the Table break down the Batman Forever Audio Cassette game. E-mail us at cardboardcast@gmail.com and give us a ring a ding on the telephone at 1-234-25-GAMES!


This episode is sponsored by:


Audible, Loot Crate, R&R Games, and Cards Against Humanity's Tabletop Deathmatch

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