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Episode 5 - Getting Our Hands Dirty

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Rich is back with a fully packed episode which includes special guests, your phone calls about lying in games, and another big ol’ giveaway! Rich kicks things off by talking about Star Wars: Imperial Assault as it’s his Favorite Game of all Time Ever This Week. Then, he is joined by his friend and fellow actor Kevin Sussman to talk about why Monopoly sucks, also not being a fan of flavor text, and his love for Railroad Tycoon. Later, game designer Mike Selinker joins Rich to talk about how Betrayal at House on the Hill got to be published and how it really began with a lie, why actors are terrible at lying games, and why he considers his latest game Apocrypha to be the follow up of Betrayal at House on the Hill. Finally, Rich closes out the show by sharing which cocktail compliments Ticket To Ride in another edition of Cardboard and Cocktails.


Be sure to E-mail us at cardboardcast@gmail.com and give us a ring on the telephone at 1-234-25-GAMES and you can be featured on the next episode!







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