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Please help Dan Telfer fight cancer

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Dan Telfer (comedian, @midnight Twitter maestro, and Nerd Poker host) was just diagnosed with cancer. While his prognosis is good, the downtime required for recovery will place a huge burden on his wife and two daughters.


If you're able to help out a Friend of The Show—even for as little as $1—please visit the donation page set up by Dan's family. They've already exceeded their initial goal thanks to endorsements from Scott, PFT, and many others, but medical expenses have a habit of escalating quickly.


Thanks, friends!

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Dan is a good and funny dude and I was happy to donate $10 I would have just spent on beer. Best wishes and good vibes to him.

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Thanks, man! I spotted your name at the top of the donors list earlier. Dan is a genuinely good guy (evidenced by the fact that they received 2x their initial ask within 48 hours) and I hope this affords his family some peace of mind.

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