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Any other out of towners come into LA for shows?

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Long time lurker, first time poster.


I'm from Dallas but fly into LA for fun/work/going to Largo for Earwolf tapings about every other month. Apologies if there is a thread somewhere else that answers this question but I couldn't find it:


Is there any kind of meetup thing, especially for folks who might be traveling from out of town, somewhere around Largo before or after live shows? I mean, I'm not above sitting in AbPHOlutely PHObulous by myself and eating soup alone but didn't know if there was a place to meet up and nerd out.


I'm coming to the tapings of TAH on March 31 and Spontaneanation on April 2 and would love to know where to hang out so as to not seem quite so Miss Havisham.


I'll hang up and listen.

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You should nighttimefoamcorner.com or @wwntfcd we meet up a lot. My group is always in attendance. If you facebook, let's hook you up with the LA Foamies.

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