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Where have all the games gone?

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I know Scott phased out the old games long ago for the most part. Seems he only relies on the occasional Would You Rather? at the end of shows if things are lagging and he needs to fill time. And we got a fresh Freestyle Rap Battle this week, so that was fun.


What are some of your favorite eps that featured any of these games? I feel like listening to some greatest hits...


Would You Rather?

Who Said It?

What Am I Thinking?

Hollywood Facts (more of a jokey quiz than a game)

Fortunately Unfortunately

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(more of a jokey quiz than a game)


Also applies to "Who Said It?"


"What Am I Thinking?" was always my favorite, would love to see it return. Jizzum!

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The only game I really care about is Would You Rather? and I was glad it made a return recently but it needs to come back more often than that! :D


Although I think I do like another game with a long musical intro but I don't know which one it is...


EDIT: Its "What Am I Thinking"



I can live with or without Riddle Me This or Fortunately, Unfortunately.

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