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Season 4: Game 7 - PISTOL SHRIMPS RADIO 11/23/16

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The Shrimps take on the The Shecago Bulls at pan North Weddington Gymnasium and Fun Palace. Matt Gourley and Mark McConville call the action.

The Shrimps on Twitter: @pistolshrimpsbb

The Shrimps on Instagram: @thepistolshrimps

Pistol Shrimps Radio on Twitter: @shrimpsradio

Pistol Shrimps Radio on Instagram: @pistolshrimpsradio


Matt Gourley on Twitter and IG: @mattgourley

Mark McConville on Twitter and Instagram: @markmcconville

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!!! Midlake's The Trials of Van Occupanther is one of 6 albums I've loved enough to buy on vinyl even though my record player 100% sucks. That album is true-blue phenomenal. So glad to hear it namechecked!




♪ me 'n occupanther courtin' babette down at seaweed banks ♫

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