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I know they don't normally do comedies but I was re-watching this movie last night and holy shit.


The simple fact that Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson are the leads in the same movie is enough to ask 'how did this get made?' but there is so much more...



  • Jack Nicholson plays a manipulative psychiatrist who in every scene threatens Adam Sandler with prison if he does not obey his every command. An example of his command: go up to a woman at a bar and tell her you are about to 'expode in your pants'
  • Adam Sandler works as an executive assistant whose one tasks seems to be designing clothes for cats.
  • There is a scene where Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler share a bed together. Jack Nicholson strips naked and farts. That's right. THE Jack Nicholson. Farting. He agreed to this.
  • John C. Reilly as a converted Buddhist who gets into a fit fight with Adam Sandler because Sandler tells him he had sex with his disabled sister. It's okay because he was only joking yet somehow that allows him to advance to 'level 2' of the anger management program.
  • Heather Graham in her underwear eating chocolate cake and throwing said cake at Adam Sandler because he tells her he has a girlfriend and won't have sex with her.
  • Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani (actually) delivering the famous "you can do it!" line normally reserved for the incomparable Rob Schneider.
  • The whole plot of the film was an elaborate setup by Marisa Tomei to get Adam Sandler to propose to her.
  • This clusterfuck of a film was supposedly the inspiration for Charlie Sheen's show of the same title although there is literally no similarity except that they both feature an anger management group.

That's just a few highlights. There is so much more. I didn't even mention the batshit insane John Turturro performance. Seriously, watch this movie. It is Old Dogs level bonkers.


Paul, Jason, June, unpaid intern who moderates this page we need an episode about this film, urgently.

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