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Episode 58 - Kong: Skull Island with Marc Evan Jackson

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In a first for I Was There Too, Matt ventures outside his home to watch a movie still in theaters, Kong: Skull Island. He is joined by the incredible Marc Evan Jackson who talks about his role in the film as Landsat Steve. If you haven’t seen the film, shower, get dressed, get in your car, go the theater, watch the film, and listen to this episode! Stay tuned after the interview for a preview for an upcoming podcast mini-series by Amanda Lund, a follow up to her brilliant podcast 'The Complete Woman' entitled 'Complete Joy.' Find it on Stitcher Premium: http://stitcherpremium.com/complete

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I actually went to college with Shea. He got cast in Tigerland while still in school with us and kept talking about it then came back after shooting he gave speeches to all of the theater department and we all thought 'Ahhh whaddadouche. Who cares?' and laughed at this stupid stories.


We're all office workers and losers now. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo.................

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