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Episode 75 - Charlottesville

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An African American military vet living in Charlottesville discusses the recent protests in his town. He tells Chris about confronting KKK rallies and how to deal with white supremacists. He’s also playing Mario Kart and really hates Peach.

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"somebody marches into my neighborhood with a stick and a club and a shield I'm gonna punch him in the face" lolololol this is whats wrong with america.


Way to advocate violence against people trying to protect themselves. People showed up dressed like that on BOTH sides because it has been proven in past protests that when Antifa shows up Antifa start smashing skulls. But whatever, I don't expect people to be informed when they just watch one-sided Vice documentaries and suckle from the teat of the msm instead of watching livestreams for themselves. :P

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