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Episode 305 - Total Eclipse of the Heart: LIVE from UCB Sunset

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John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri, Jen D’Angelo, and Colton Dunn join Matt Besser for a live improv4humans! They take audience suggestions that inspire scenes about anti-drug performance artists, a down on his luck checkers champ, and stuffed animals that emit terrifying sounds. Later, they look for a Michael Chiklis cardboard cutout for a bachelorette party before visiting a doomsday bunker with highly specific amenities.



305 - John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri, Jen D’Angelo, Colton Dunn


(1:08 - 8:28) Intro Story - Jen’s interpretation of the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” music video - Students at an all-boys school titillate their new principal


(8:29 - 16:33) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Colton acted in an anti-drug show - Anti-drug performance artists pitch new ways to appeal to kids


(17:01 - 22:52) Audience Suggestion - Allergy - A house guest demands the host’s wife leave the house because of her cat allergies


(23:09 - 29:58) Audience Suggestion - Onions - A chef uses cutting onions as an excuse to get emotional


(32:43 - 39:14) Crap on Youtube - “Magnus Carlsen Strikes Back at Maurice Ashley! 2017 Paris Grand Chess Tour - Checkers tournament loser gets belittled by a reporter


(39:15 - 48:46) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Chuck E. Cheese’s got rid of the animatronics - Kids plan their birthday parties with extremely basic requests


(48:47 - 58:50) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Besser’s daughter was gifted extremely obnoxious stuffed animals - Toy manufacturers show off stuffed animals that make horrifying noises


(59:55 - 1:09:08) Crap on Youtube - “Watch These High Schoolers Get Pepper Sprayed By Their Teacher” - Sex ed teacher uses practical means to show students how it feels to get jizzed in their eyes


(1:09:17 - 1:18:41) Audience Suggestion - Snowman - Seeking a cardboard cutout of Michael Chiklis for the bachelorette party


(1:18:43 - 1:16:12) Crap on Youtube - “An Inside Look at Doomsday Bunker Homes with $2 Million Price Tag” - Potential buyers check out a doomsday bunker with highly specific amenities

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Had to pause for the sake of my lungs at the double-barreled jizz soaker and the 'Blood of Christ' performing penguin. Awesome ep!

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I totally remember attending an assembly in 7th grade put on by a local high school group, to educate us about the dangers of peer pressure and low self-esteem and such as we grow-ed up. And the Turn Around part is the thing i most remember, the only thing that stuck with me. I grew up in Northern Fairfield County, CT and I guess I assumed that it was a local group and the therapist or what not who ran the local group created it himself, but i guess maybe it was part of some sort of packet or program.and performed throughout the country, unless Colton lived in the same area. But very cool to recognize it. I always think of the sashes first not the music video, cus it was the perfomance piece i saw first.

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