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Episode 313 - LIVE from Chicago Pt. 1

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Jess McKenna and Jon Gabrus join Matt Besser for a special improv3humans live from the Windy City! We meet extremely high-test opera singers, a stranger who buys dogs off the street, and actors performing dramatic Muppet scenework. Plus, Fake Ben Franklin goes to a frat party, and true love gets in the way of a robotic uprising.



(1:29 - 5:29) Intro Story - What’s up with the observatory on the lake at Northwestern? - College tour guide only really knows about the theater department


(5:56 - 8:42) Audience Suggestion - Opera - Extremely hardcore competitive/high test opera singers


(9:35 - 15:45) Let’s Talk Some More About That - What are the manners of cumming in marriage? - Someone’s been cumming in the cocktails


(16:06 - 24:09) Twitter Suggestion - Strangest question you’ve asked a stranger/What would you do if a

stranger on the street offered you a million dollars for your dog? - A couple is divided about whether or not to sell their dog to a street stranger


(25:06 - 35:10) Audience Suggestion - Rainbow - Emotional Muppets scenework


(38:36 - 43:30) What the Fuck Is Going On? - Getting phone calls from tax fraud scammers - A robot scam caller has a ton of overly humanizing “mistakes”


(44:14 - 48:24) Question from Listener - What weird jobs have you done for extra cash? - Fake Ben Franklin gets electrocuted at the frat party


(48:29 - 54:29) Audience Suggestion - Desert - The police escort two roadtrippers get to Captain America 2 on time


(54:33 - 58:12) What the Fuck Is Going On - Harvey Weinstein made girls watch him shower - Jon plans a whole show around making a prostitute watch him shower


(58:13 - 1:04:45) Audience Suggestion - Sentient - A friend’s new girlfriend outwardly appears to be a robot gained sentience

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Not one bad scene in here, though you'd expect no less from these guys. And some pretty mental callbacks later on, all-in-all, my fave I3H for a while. And it's silly, but turns out Gabrus was right all along, it's per-uh-nee-um.


PS: Picture on the front page is all wrong.

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