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The plot: While in Colombia on business, American engineer Harry Burck (Mark Harmon) is kidnapped. When word of his abduction reaches his company back in Indiana, Harry's brother (Michael Schoeffling) and his friends Bob (Thomas F. Wilson), Spence (Glenn Frey) and Kurt (Rick Rossovich) decide to embark on a mission to extract Harry from his predicament and get him home safe. There are only two problems: they don't have the money to get there, and they don't have any experience in search and rescue missions. The funding comes from Jack (Gary Busey), a local used car salesman who gives them the money as long as they promise to let him tag along, and they hire mercenary Norman Shrike (Robert Duvall) to provide the requisite know-how on to hunt down Harry and get him back home.


Is it so bad that it's good, or is it so much of an '80s ensemble action flick that it's awesome? You be the judge. But I humbly submit it for your approval.




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