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Homework - The Room (2003)

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Yes. Don't even need to listen to the episode. It's 100% in. Not necessarily because this is "so bad that it's good." The Room is the legitimate work of an auteur. It's incompetent, it's nonsensical, and its politics are deeply troubling, but few works of popular art get to be so unapologetically honest. As Tommy Wiseau said at the premiere of The Room, this is his movie. It's entertaining and endlessly fascinating, which is more than I can say for hundreds of serious, adequately made art films that are forgotten every year. As a mainstream product with as much intrigue in the mythology of the project as this central film, The Room is absolutely canon.

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A good while ago I suggested Plan 9 in the suggestion thread as a great piece of outsider art and got thoroughly shut down. I'm interested to hear the discussion around this film

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