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Episode 333 - Gish Gallop

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Mookie Blaiklock, Paul Rust, and Neil Casey join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! We’ll hear scenes about getting stuck on a fence after eating mushrooms, a fake doctor who infiltrates a hospital, and an overly suspicious checkout lady. Plus, Al Roker opens up his own theme park and climate change scientists get to meet their comedy hero.


(:47-13:01) Intro Question- ‘What Was Your Best or Worst Trip on Shrooms?’- Two guys get stuck in a fence after taking shrooms.

(13:12-24:20) Questions from Listeners- ‘Worst Experience You’ve Had in a Moving Car?’ A guy tries to protect his game tokens in a fight.

(26:06-36:33) Crap on YouTube- ‘Teenager Poses as a Doctor’- A fake doctor infiltrates a hospital by wearing a white coat.

(37:30-46:47) Questions from Listeners- ‘Worst Shopping Experience’- A suspicious check out lady gives a customer trying to return an item a hard time.

(46:57-54:03) Crap on YouTube- ‘Jimmy Fallon Ride Opens at Universal Orlando’- A group works to create a ride based on Al Roker

(54:16-1:01:20) Questions from Listeners- ‘What Technological Improvements are you Most Excited For?’ Climate change scientist get to meet their comedy icon

(1:01:44-1:12:23) Let’s Talk Some More About Case Closed- ‘Should We Give Everyone a Platform?’ A group discusses what is inappropriate to say and what is not.

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I could listen to Paul Rust laugh all day long. This is a great lineup.

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