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Episode 394 - On A Shuckers Schedule

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Writer, comedian and podcaster Hayes Davenport (Hollywood Handbook) joins Howard and the gang to recall his fondest summah memories! They’ll count down the Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 Songs while Hayes vents on the scarcity of a beloved summer treat. Then, we’ll find out why it’s so easy to act with dinosaurs during the Movie Chart, and a tribute to Vinnie Paul and the latest rock from Australia follow as they count down their Hot Picks.

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They should save some time by just playing the same movie chart segment every week and editing in a few comments from the guest.

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They should throw caution to the wind and perform all themes live, didn't they amass a cornucopia of beats, trills and jingles over the years? If Off Book can do it, etc.

And while the show's going strong, I dare call upon plucking the TV Chart out of obscurity, since a. more common ground's likely to be had, and b. more people watch that shit now.

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