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Episode 358 - Sarah Shook and The Karaoke Ref

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Musical guest Sarah Shook joins improvisers Billy Merritt, Laci Mosley, Aman Adumer, and Matt Besser for a special improv4humans! Sarah performs songs that inspire scenes about having your friend’s back during a knife fight, inappropriate expressions of grief, and instructions for how to smoke while having sex. Plus, karaoke singers riff on Dwight Yoakam and a pet owner tries to return his lemon of a dog.


(1:22 - 14:20) Let's Listen To A Song - “Fuck Up” [3:01 - 6:13] 1. Friends argue about what to do during a knife fight (6:14 - 11:02) 2. A group confesses how they have fucked up recently. (11:19-14:20)

(14:43 - 36:02) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Over You” [14:52 - 18:06] 1. A man has an inappropriate way of showing grief (18:07 - 25:35) 2. A woman pitches a dramatic novel about a ham. (25:50 - 36:02)

(37:18 - 58:10) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Dwight Yoakam” [37:31 - 41:13] 1. A campaign to show people how to have sex and smoke at the same time (41:14 - 47:46) 2. Karaoke patrons don’t know who Dwight Yoakam is. (48:35 - 58:10)

(58:35 - 1:10:19) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Good as Gold” [58:50 - 1:02:00] - A man want to return his newly
adopted dog. 

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DId Sarah Shook Improvise as well? 

I Heard two different female voices throughout each scene.

If so she's the first Musical Guest to join in on the improv, that's pretty impressive.

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