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No Escape (1994)

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Ray Liotta is a Marine, serving a life sentence for killing his commanding officer, and keeps causing trouble by escaping maximum security prisons, so he is delivered to a deserted island prison. Naturally he tries to escape but ends up caught in a war between two island gangs.

The movie takes place in 2022, in a futuristic society where corporations run prisons (nailed it) and they can scan and track prisoners anywhere on the plan it (basically nailed it). Also in the beginning when they explain Ray Liotta's incident with his commanding officer, it happened during an armed conflict in Benghazi in 2011!

A pretty decent action movie for its time, but definitely has its logic flaws that are ripe for picking for this show. Why is the island, seemingly stuck in the dark ages, capable of manufacturing high tech rocket launchers and satellite-proof boats? Why is the gang that captures Ray Liotta so fascinated by his ability to kill a person (he was sent to the island for a reason)?

Movie might be kinda hard to get. It's not on Netflix, YouTube rentals or Prime, and the DVD on Amazon is still going for $20. I recommend this movie but don't know if I recommend it at $20. There's a full version of it on YouTube but it may not last for long.



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Holy cow this movie was pretty fun. Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max with a dash of the prison island from Face/Off. I really enjoyed Stuart Wilson as the over-the-top villain. The cast is filled with a lot of memorable character actors. There are more "Oh it's that guy" moments in this movie than anything I've seen lately.

Plus, stuff blows up real good--this is a Big Dumb Movie. Makes total sense that this is the director of Goldeneye, Vertical Limit, Mask of Zorro, and Green Lantern. It's a too bad a good copy is hard to find in the U.S.

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