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Nicknames for Scott

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Hey, are you like me? After hearing such nicknames for Scott as Hot Saucerman, Hot Cocoman, Hung Stockingman and others do you find yourself coming up with similar nicknames for Scott? I mentioned this to my friend last night who is also a Comedy Bang Bang fan and because I was sober all night I just kept thinking of them and putting them into my phone. I apologize if this topic has already been covered, but I can think of nowhere else to release this information. Enjoy, and feel free to reply with your own:

Lost Doggerman
Crock Potterman
Top Ramenman
Soft Rockerman
Snot Rocketman
Cock Blockerman
Tick Tockerman
Shop Talkerman
Chop Shopperman
Shock Jockerman
Shot Waderman
Pop and Lockerman
Chaco Tacoman
Boss Hoggerman
Brush Flosserman
Slop Trougherman
Pish Posherman
Prop Comicman

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Aaw, man! You got Cock Blockerman! I also thought of Rock Lobsterman. Good, right?

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