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Episode 370 - Speedy Ortiz and the Lemonade Report

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Musical guest Speedy Ortiz joins improvisers James Mannion, Vic Michaelis, and Matt Apodaca for a special improv4humans! Speedy Ortiz plays songs off their latest album “Twerp Verse” which inspire scenes about Satan discovering a human more evil than he is, a softball team that shows up to a restaurant right before closing time, and a library that replaces all its books with lemonade. Later, we’ll meet a man who doesn’t want any romance out of his dates and a tour guide for the home of a sports legend’s sibling.


(2:00 - 20:26) Let’s Hear a Song - Buck Me Off [2:05 - 5:09] - 1. Satan addresses rumors of a human more evil than him (5:10 - 14:05) / 2. A softball team shows up to eat at a restaurant right before closing time (14:09 - 20:26)

(23:06 - 40:46) Let’s Hear Another Song - Lucky 88 [23:18 - 26:23] - 1. Justifying your swastika tattoo by claiming its an Aztec peace symbol (26:27 - 33:30) / 2. A library replaces its books with lemonade to attract new patrons (33:34 - 40:46)

(43:51 - ) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Alone With Girls [43:57 - 47:06] - 1. A man on a first date doesn’t want any romance out of it (47:11 - 55:52) / 2. Trying to get people to go on a tour of Michael Jordan’s brother’s old house (58:14 - 1:07:50)

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