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I'm running an unofficial Ultimate 4 Humans March Madness-style tournament of Improv4humans performers

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Much like the the NCAA tournament is full of elite teams, Improv4humans is full of elite performers. I am going to run a March Madness-style tournament of I4H performers (recognizing of course that each person is a great talent, no matter the results). Performers will be seeded based on number of I4H appearances. Ties in the seeding will be broken by random assignment. ALL performers will get a shot. Not counting Matty B, there are 209 performers that have been on I4H, and I have found a site that will make a bracket with that many participants. Most posts and the voting will take place on Twitter, as I do not want to inundate all the other boards with my updates. If you are interested in taking part in the voting follow me, or check in with me every so often, on Twitter @DadHasADD. Keep being Hu-man!

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