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Delivery (2006)

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I don't know if this a movie that HDTGM could do. In the recent mini-EP FAQ Paul explained that any movie has to be known or notorious. And while I think this movie is awesomely bad I understand that no one has ever heard of it.


HOWEVER, I want to share the awesome horribleness of this movie with as many people as I can. Even if it's not ready for the podcast I hope that other podcast listeners will find the pleasure of subjecting themselves to Delivery (2006).


I truly believe this movie is as awesomely bad as The Room and Birdemic.  It's a poor excuse for a horror movie that was released straight to DVD by Warner Brothers. The thing is marketed as a killer pizza man movie... but it's as much that as The Room is a Tennessee Williams play. 


The entire first 9/10's of the movie follows this fat shlub pizza guy inexplicably being treated like crap by everyone he knows. Only at the very end for about ten minutes does he start killing people in the most ill convinced ways.


Other awesomely horrible moments include: scene after scene of this shirtless fat guy waking from nightmares and showing his hairy chest to the camera, some weird subplot about a cross dressing film producer hitting on him without his understanding, a really plain jane looking woman who thinks he's sexy and is the only character in the entire film who treats him nice, a pointless back story about his pizza delivery man father who went crazy and commited suicide, pointless references to Clerks, his douchebag pizza place boss who takes pity because his father worked for him. There's also a cold opening about an 18th century food delivery guy who kills someone... which has nothing to do with the rest of the movie!


As a movie it really borders close to unwatchable... BUT... you can tell the people who made it believed in the project even though it's so ill-conceived. And that is what I think makes a great bad movie.


I really can't recommend this movie enough.


I personally am going to add clips online to show off the awesome awfulness of this thing since there isn't much out there right now. For now you can get it by disc from Netflix or see the trailer here:



And please don't let the over stylized Nu-Metal music video trailer fool you. The movie is much more flat and bland. The trailer shows 43 seconds of a dream sequence and the the end of the movie to make you think it's something that it's not.



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