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Look Away (2018)

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Just finished watching this teen horror film and HOLY SHIT, this is next level bonkers. The plot is about Maria (played by India Eisley, from the Underworld movies), a trouble teenager who is bullied on school and has a cold relationship with her parents, specially with her father (Jason Isaacs in full Lucious Malfoy mode). All changes with she discover that her MIRROR IMAGE is alive and becomes her confidante, soon switching places and revealing a sinister personality. OMG.


And you know that the mirror persona is named AIRAM (YES, MARIA IN BACKWARDS, what a BRILLIANT insight!)?


The movie is full of INSANE SCENES, like:

  • It begins with a sonogram showing a FIGHT between two fetuses
  •  Jason Isaacs character is obsessed with perfection, offering a plastic surgery like a BIRTDAY GIFT for his daughter
  • The school prom is happening in the SKATING RINK
  • There's a cut between a sex scene and a crab's knife cutting


Oh, and the movie had a SKATING CHASE SCENE (spoilers)  


The movie in the final 30 minutes becomes a psychosexual thriller and it's more insane because of that. It's now streaming on MAX GO, and I fully recomend. It's a treat for the show and totally deserves the gang's attention.



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