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Every darn episode! Thank you!!!

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I have finally caught up and run out of new episodes.  I have loved every minute of your podcast.  Even friends that are not Hardy fans can enjoy random episodes because of your hosting, mansplaining.  I know there may not be millions of listeners, but I hope you can take satisfaction in the fact that you have provided great, thought provoking, clever, warm hearted entertainment to get us through a weird time in our history.

My heartfelt condolences on little Jack Jack.  My neighbor said every pet is a heart break waiting to happen, hmmm much like a Hardy novel.  Buy the joy they bring and the love they share while they're here mean everything!

ps - the heartbreak we feel when our kids move on is also filled with joy as our relationship with them grows and moves into fun territory.  Bake some cookies - send him a comic book.  He misses you!!!

Many, many, many thanks!!!


Grayslake, IL

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