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Episode 137 - How Are Turtles Doing These Days And Are They The Same Thing As Tortoises? With Dr. Charles J. Innis Director of Animal Health at the New England Aquarium

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Dr. Charles J. Innis is the Director of Animal Health at the New England Aquarium and co-editor/author of “Sea Turtle Health and Rehabilitation” which covers sea turtle husbandry, medicine, and surgery. He joined Jonathan in the studio to discuss the difference between land and sea turtles, how turtles have sex, the illegal wild life trade and how conservation is the key to the survival of aquariums and zoos. For more information and conservation resources, please visit Turtle Survival Alliance and The Turtle Conservancy.

Follow Dr. Innis and the New England Aquarium on Instagram @newenglandaquarium and on Twitter and Facebook @newenglandaquarium

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