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Episode 72 - J.J. Abrams

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Filmmaker J.J. Abrams feels exceedingly lucky about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


J.J. sits down with Conan to discuss finding the confidence to take the reins on iconic franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, how to cut together a good trailer, and getting his first gig writing the music for the 1982 horror film Nightbeast. Later, Conan considers his approach to ad reads as he and his team Review the Reviewers.

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I really want to fly to LA, figure out where Conan lives and hang out in the street until he walks by, so I can shout, “Kedakai! As God made her.” But I’m thinking the ten dollars would not cover my expenses. Great podcast! My favorite.

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I have the original cassette tape JJ sent to Don Dohler with the Nightbeast music. 
It's one of my prize possessions.
I just have to find it.
I know I saw it about two years ago...

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