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Lost Souls (2000)

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A Winona Ryder-starred supernatural horror, with attempt to get the mood of a paranoid thriller of the 70s with the terror of a Rosemary's Baby kind of religious horror and the apocalyptic vibes from the end of millenium, but fails miserably. Directorial debut of Janusz Kaminski, cinematographer of various Spielberg movies.

It is a film that the more it goes on, more it gets into a hilarious nonsense, like a scene which Ryder is chased in a abandoned house by a possessed serial-killer who escaped of an asylum with his crossed arms like a mummy. Or the scene with Ryder get scared in a restaurant with a 9-year old child singing:

One of 21 movies to obtain a F in Cinemascore. I think it is perfect for the show.

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