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Brutus the Sklarber Beefcake

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Hay sons and daughters, im new to the forum but not to the Sklars. Cheap Seats definitely helped me hone my snarkascope & reinforce my wants and desires to make fun of people who take things WAY too seriously.. i caught onto the podcast thing around ep 50 and have been hooked ever since, ..they make my day of rather boring and dehumanizing computer drafting a tad bit less 'crapulent' and i am forever in their debt for that!!

A few weeks ago i was near Orange County and i saw this sign and HAD to snap a pic. ..obviously it was taken at night but i was flying out the next morning so this was my only chance to immortalize the Sklar name for my own selfish reasons so here it is.

Please enjoy and comment as deemed necessary. =]

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