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Episode 18 — Tagging Out

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Today Jeff is joined by the amazing impressionist, father, and resident of Sklarbro Country — Chris Cox. Chris talks about having play dates with his daughters, sometimes losing his patience taking his daughters to school, and how parenting is hypocritical when it comes to technology. He also explains the process of tagging out with his wife, getting in shape in preparation to be a dad, and the exhaustion that comes with being a parent.

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Holy crap, don't even get me started on trying to get my 3 1/2 year old daughter awake and dressed in the morning. Its pretty much an epic meltdown every morning. It kind of makes me realize why Dave pays his kids to get out of bed! Chris is right though, you can go the "here are 3 options" route or the "This is what you are wearing" route and in either scenario you could be looking at a scream fest especially that early in the morning.

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My problem in the morning is that my wife is asleep while I try and get them dressed. The screams I can deal with, but I'm so desperate to keep them from waking her up.


The food thing is just out of control when you are a parent. Pizza gets ordered so much just because you can't possibly string together enough energy and intelligence to work an oven without blowing up the house.


Does anyone else sneak 'good' food at night after kids are down? More than once ours have caught us with ice cream after they have gone to bed, and then gotten back up to see what's up. I can just imagine that this confirms their thoughts about what happens after they go to bed. Mom and dad break out the ice cream and dance and play with toys.


Great episode by the way.

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