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Episode 151 — Karma, Baby!

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She's a wildly talented actress from one of our favorite shows - HBO's Enlightened - Bayne Gibby came on and discussed sexual movie firsts, how karma will get ya, and why performance artists don't necessarily make the best theatre professors. Enjoy!

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I have a story similar to Elizabeth's. When I was around eight years old my friend(also male and 8) and I just decided one day that we had to "practice for sex". It was pretty much exactly as Elizabeth describes it, with the fake making-out and grinding on top of a bed.I think it differed from her experience in that I don't believe there was any deep or real sexuality involved,at least in my mind. We were fully clothed,making exaggerated moans and laughing hysterically,I don't think either of us knew what sex was. None of us turned out to be gay(to my knowledge), it seemed pretty harmless and juvenile. I guess the difference is she could sense a palpable sexual desire within her friend whereas we were just immature and acting out this vague notion of what a child thinks sexual intercourse is. I assume this is normal although it only happened once.


Anyway, I always look forward to a new Totally Laime episode,itza goode podcaste. Keep doing it!

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