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    We're Still Trying...

    Skipped around. Didn't really listen to much content, because: the audio. You clearly have decent equipment, but it is majorly over-compressed and too grating. I can tell just by looking at your waveform that it's going to be tough to listen to. It's good to compress and limit your peaks, but you're adding too much make-up gain. You want it to be loud, but natural. If you don't already have a physical compressor, try using one to compress peaks on the way into the recording, then add a few light compressions in post to blend it. Also, sounds like you may be using a mastering preset that over-hypes. However, from what I did hear, you all sound like you have unique voices, are animated, and have confidence. That's more than most comedy podcasts can say. Also, there's a guy in there that sounds a LOT like Harris Wittels. Work on audio, and I'd give it a listen.