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    Musical Mondays Week 47 Stage Fright

    Let me start this post by saying that I'm sorry... I genuinely thought that "the more, the merrier" theory would apply to the discussion of this movie and I was clearly wrong... I noticed that the movie had 3 different editors (one for every movie genre maybe? Horror/Musical/Comedy) this once again debunks the "the more, the merrier" theory and apart from the uneven general tone of the movie IMHO the various editors made the exposition of information and backstory clunky and some important facts are burried by all the unimportant dialogue and "out of the blue" actions of most of the characters. The flashback at the beginning is set up like a nightmare the main girl is having when she wakes up the day the kids come to camp... But then they put the "10 years later" text and that happens various times throughout the running time of the movie Also they didn't use the camp/forest setting to it's full potential This was the 2nd time I saw this movie, I also noticed near the end that, when the main girl goes to the dressing room to find the guy and the costumer dead the play goes into full bad improv disaster mode I felt the movie also went into that mode... I have some more things to say but I want to ponder a little bit more...
  2. It's the one from 2014... I think there is one from 1950, one from 1997 and another from 2017, Don't watch those
  3. I saw this in 2015-16 I think, and had mixed feelings about it, but now we're in this together... Sooo Let's get our camp gear and Japanese make up ready for...
  4. As soon as I finish my dinner I'll reveal my pick...
  5. I have time this week but I'll let you all know my 3rd pick some time later today... I want to build some suspense

    Signings and photo ops after the shows?

    In a perfect world this idea would bring even more people and money in... Think about if, they start selling some VIP/Backstage/Meet and greet tickets at a higher price point they'll be laughing all the way to the bank... P.S. Don't touch Jason

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5


    Musical Mondays Week 46 Enchanted

    She also did Barbie's voice in Toy Story 2 and 3 Yeah there's a quick fade in shot were... Giselle apparently walks away from a couple of possible prostitutes just before the homeless man steals her tiara... I wonder if they ever shot the beginning of that scene with dialogue and jokes but they never included it even as a deleted scene/outtake after they decided to tone it down... They probably didn't want kids asking their parents about prostitutes Amy Adams and James Marsen where on point... I wonder If Idinas song was the same as Carrie Underwood's and would love to listen to her version or her other ending song Regardless... Make a recording when Idina hits the studio for Frozen 2!!!

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    P.S. I'm on vacation and in full Murphy's law mode... When I try to enter this forum from the Italian wifi I get a "you are banned" message I had to go to a neighboring town just to write this... So if you don't mind I want swap places to have my M.M. pick the first week of September so I can fully participate Thanks you so much in advance

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Oliver & Company

    I saw this not knowing that it was based on Oliver Twist and to me every plot point is rushed... I wanted more songs and did not find the inconsistent animation bothersome just wandering why the producers of the movie decided that was the way to go?

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    In the video Will Smith, Jaden and other family members hike up a volcano then at the end if the video talk about fear... Some meta stuff right there...

    Musical Mondays Week 45 Preview (JammerLea's 3rd Pick)

    Hello from Spain, this seems like a normal occurrence by now... I disappear into radio silence for long stretches of time then I return making it a BIG DEAL (or a "B.D. Wong deal" ;) ) saying how sorry I am and then out of the blue I disappear again then I rinse and repeat until infinity. The thing is I'm really really sorry. Anyhoo... I'm sorta In vacation until the end of the month so I have literally no excuse to Ghost out on you again... Also in two weeks I get to choose my 3rd pick which is nice! Can't wait to find out what JammerLea picked!!!

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    End of an era & beginning of a new one... Happy to be a part of this!