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    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    She also played Joan of Arc in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005)

    Musical Mondays Week 73 (Maximilliano’s Pick)

    https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/search?term=Anna+and+the+Apocalypse&app=itunes&ct=mov_tal&itscg=30300&itsct=mov_tal&mt=6&at=1010lGbf https://www.amazon.com/Anna-Apocalypse-Ella-Hunt/dp/B07KWJPDXK/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1549906791&sr=1-1&keywords=anna+and+the+apocalypse https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/Anna-and-the-Apocalypse/1002081 https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Anna_And_The_Apocalypse?id=SKQMOW09FUk https://www.fandangonow.com/details/movie/anna-and-the-apocalypse-2018/MMVFE684DCD1AD35BEBC4A60349E941C66FF?ele=searchresult&elc=anna and the apocalypse&eli=0&eci=movies https://tv.frontier.com/details/FRTP9000000000019519/ Also available on PlayStation And XBox

    Musical Mondays Week 73 (Maximilliano’s Pick)

    I have my pick... Saw this movie last year in theaters and felt lukewarm about it... But I think that discussing it with you gals and guys is going to help me make mi mind if I love it or hate it

    Musical Mondays Week 73 (Maximilliano’s Pick)

    On my way home from work... I'll give you my pick soon
  5. Love this Ep 100% I have some OMISSIONS for the mini Ep. 1. Nobody mentioned how Jason could totally be cast as Hobbs Brother (or one of the many siblings at least) because Cliff Curtis was sporting a beard ala Jason the only thing missing for a 100% doppelganger status was the braids... It was all I could think about when I saw the movie in theaters remember Jason has one foot in the door because he played the TickTock Man in Jonh Wick 3 Parabellum and it shares the same direction with Hobbs and Shaw. 2. Nobody remembered that John June, Jason And Adam with help from the audience successfully predicted a Shaw mother role played by Hellen Mirren and a Shaw sister like 4 years back in the live episode for Furious 7... That or Chris Morgan is a huge HDTGM fan 3. Maybe the huge ball/testicles gag is an anti-steroids message delivered as ball busting (pun intended) banter between Hobbs and Shaw (it's common knowledge that juicers get big testicles and small penises) (Saved the best for last) 4. In keeping with what Jason said about Hobbs and Shaw that it takes from other movies without a second thought, he mentioned the transformers robotic morph sounds and I think the MovieBitches review of Hobbs and Shaw pointed out the Rock doing his best helicopter wrangling/muscle flex ala Captain America in Civil War One thing that I noticed was the ending scene lifted beat to beat from the original Blade Runner (spoilers for that movie) But... In Hobbs and Shaw is a reversal were the humans with "heart" save and spare the machine just as Idris is against the ropes with rain and a blueish tone to boot... My brain literally melted in the theater I was dead I hope some of these make it to the mini Ep next week...
  6. When I googled an image for the poster the Goofy one was one of the results... I said no more lollygagging but I didn't say anything about Goofing around
  7. Now no more lollygagging... My pick this week is the GOOD version of La La Land straight from Poland so we might as well call it "PoLaLa Land" or "PolaLand"
  8. I'm here and I have my pick but first I will use this post to tell you about 2 other movies that I didn't pick (maybe next time I choose they'll be the ones ) The Katy Perry concert Documentary And a Zac Efron movie... Not High School Musical "We Are Your Friends"
  9. You are right... Jammer then me that was the order
  10. So Monday April 22 we'll discuss my pick? Or the 1st week of May? (aka. Justin Timberlake favourite month) Because next round is next week plus a day from today... Just asking cuz I don't want to cut into anyones turn


    *LONG scattered thoughs POST* I was away and didn't saw this "thread" when it was originally posted But I did saw the movie opening day and again the next day... It's a really good movie made with lots of care for detail, unfortunately 1 thing did bother me... If we consider that original Lupita is actually living underground all these years cuz tethered Lupita chocked her and switched places with her then the scenes where she tells what happened to her husband and Red (along with tethred family) introduces herself and monologues/expositions her backstory don't hold up because they are talking as if there was no switch explaining some situations that didn't happen to them but to their doppelgangers. I know it's nitpicking but I'm more concerned with the scene in the bedroom where Lupita 2 posing as real tells her husband what happened the day at the beach and we see the abridged version of the intro stopping short before she choked Lupita 1 and at that point I do care but if/when I know she is NOT who she says she is then my sympathy is slim to none... She did tell her story looking out the window and facing away from her husband, giving him the back, maybe that was early tell (probably 'cuz she was actually lying/withholding the most important part of the story) I appreciated the twist in the horror movie level, that it's not really over, the family is alive with at least 1 tethered in toe... Other than that some minor things but overall and for what it is I give Us 2 thumbs up I now want to start to roll the ball here on something I saw in Reddit, both Red and Adelaide children are actually human/tethered hybrids So that has to be taken into consideration. Continuing a thing that was posted above about who controls who in "Us"... My opinion about this is that the younger the subject is the strongest the connection for the human to control the tethered is (see young Adelaide now Red dancing below and the tethered above doing the same and Jason controlling Pluto... I am aware of the theory that Jason and Pluto also switched but then it means that when the experiment failed all the soulless tethders just follow along but in the successful Adelaide event the control goes both ways I guess. Gotta see it a 3rd time) I also think Red and Adelaide share an actual special bond that increases the ability for one to control the other, It has been said in various reviews and analysis of "Us" that it deals with the theme of socioeconomic disparity in America and that is both obvious and subtle throughout the movie in many ways but 2 of the many things are 1. That the escalator leading to the tethered underground tunnel lab facility is goin down and 2. In the montage where we see Adelaide above the amusement park and her doppelganger below with the tethred people mimicking the action is like 2 socioeconomic classes (the have and the have nots) they are doing the same thing but the ones above enjoy themselves and it's not so the case for the ones below (like in Red chimney fire monologue she talks about food, toys and her overall lifestyle and experiences that are determined by her status) when Lupita 2 kills Lupita 1 (Red) is out of fear of losing the life she made after climbing the "social escalator" and putting someone else in hard times way. In the '80 the hands across America movement's go was to help the less fortunate but it's 2019 and the problem has actually evolved and in "Us" the Americans that are ignored and abused to some degree (by the system or directly by other Americans) now demand retribution. Another details was the constant appearance of the number 11 from the 11-11 Bible verse... (channel 11 news at 11, the Michael Jackson shirt was prize number 11, 11:11 the tied score from the sports game, 11:11pm the digital clock's time, 1111 ambulance number at the end) Among other things was the specific shirt design from the Thriller music video I personally don't think it's a coincidence that Jordan Peele used it I think because the movie deals with "evil doppelgangers" and at the end of that music video Michael Jackson is revealed to be a cat eyed monster it fits with the theme of the movie perfectly That's a I remember and I wish to keep the conversation going

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    Don't miss The Fountain, Black Swan and Ruby Sparks

    Musical Mondays Week 59 Passing Strange

    Great Musical, I really enjoyed it a lot. The Cast and The Band were on point... The Opening song (Prologue "We Might Play all Night") was one of my favourites and I hope it was longer. About what was said before... I feel I can't really say if Spike Lee significantly help on improving the overall quality of the show but I did enjoyed learning ( when I whatched the credits ) that the D.P. or cinematographer was Matthew Libatique who I love since Requiem For A Dream up to the recent A Star Is Born. IMHO I want to give credit to Matty for doing his thing, because I feel his work showed and he helped capture a lot of key moments in the best way possible. Also both Stew (The Narrator) and Youth wear the same red Converse Chuck Taylor's All-Star Shoes If anyone here is interested... Someone uploaded the entire Tony Awards from 2008 to YouTube. That Year Passing Strange was nominated... Their performance starts at the 22min:38sec mark https://youtu.be/d5YUhlHRF7o
  14. "Like an orgasm in reverse" perhaps????