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  1. If you want to learn more about this FILM without actually having to watch it you can listen to the The Flophouse episode that covers it ( its #253 ). They get more into the actual " plot " while still ripping it to shreds and laughing at it. Also, i fuck!ng love Erin ( and Brian ).
  2. I would LOVE to see video of this. Please tell me there's video of this. Pretty pretty please...
  3. Omaxem

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    I dunno if its just me, but i feel that the Second Opinions are starting to move away from " LOL crazy ", and into " Oh... Oh no " or " Drugs are bad " territory. Some of the latest ones have been... unsettling
  4. Oh wow, this was amazing! You kind of expect good things from a line up like this but everyone just blew it out of the park.
  5. Omaxem

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    " R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: May? " ? Not very CBBish, i know...
  6. Omaxem

    Episode 193.5 - Minisode 193.5

    So, i know these two guys who'd like to audition for the role of the " Jason " of the group: They're kinda weird looking for dogs though...
  7. I know of The Bag of Bags. As i've grown older, one has happened upon my house. I also know of the triangles - Still not there yet.
  8. As a ( mediocre at best ) gay man, i was horrified at " Men at Work ".
  9. Omaxem


    Several times, partially, on the TV. Never ( that i remember ) from start to finish. Maybe it got on to the top100 list because of its huge success? Although it is very well made, everything about it always felt too artificial to me, very much packaged/programmed to hit all the right buttons and to get Oscars. And, i mean, they nailed that part...
  10. Omaxem

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    High praise there from June. This should henceforth be featured in the promotional material for the film ( i can totally see it in the poster )
  11. Banjo is an AWESOME dog name ( as is Gouda ). This was just great, from the interviews to the improv.
  12. Omaxem

    Episode 189.5 - Minisode 189.5

    Oooof, Hurricane Heist... It's almost as if it was written specifically to be featured in this podcast. It ( almost ) takes the fun out of watching it. It's real REAL dumb.
  13. Omaxem

    Ben Hur

    This is completely unrelated to the film ( Ben Hur + The Ten Commandments were staples of Portuguese Religious Holidays television, i've seen them so many times as a kid that i don't think i can take them seriously anymore ), but Amy... you're pretty cool. I don't know if that was a throwaway line or something you really feel, but just because you don't smoke pot doesn't mean that you're not cool. You are a cool person.
  14. YEAH Indiana Jones! I kept thinking that Kate Capshaw could of nailed Polly, and i feel like that could of maybe made this watchable. All in all i didn't dislike it as much as the gang seems to, but it was real dark, there where some real big problems with the script ( plot, timelines... ), Polly Perkins is a horrible reporter, Gwyneth Paltrow is an horrible actress, Michael Gambon payed some bills and Lawrence Olivier is probably still rolling in his grave. It wasn't good. May i suggest a remake of the Garbage Pail Kids, with the kids now being the... heroes? and with Goop playing Patty Puker?
  15. Omaxem

    New Adventures in Hi-Fi

    Electrolite >> Bittersweet Me, and i agree with Adam on E-Bow being 1) Way too weird to be a single; and 2) Beautiful, and my favorite. Also, i feel like i almost, almost, know how it feels like to be in R.E.M.