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EPISODE 30 - Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum

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Oh, and just to triple post, the argument that we've been eating GMOs for decades and there have been no negative health effects is bullshit because:


a ) In order to actually figure that out, we'd need to run studies, but that's impossible because without labeling you can't have a non GMO eating control group. People smoked for decades before scientists proved it was linked to cancer.




b ) There actually are huge differences between people now and people 30 years ago. I'm sure everyone saw that story about how it was easier to lose weight in the 1980s. Endocrine disruption from GMOs in the food chain could be a part of why that's so.

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We usually take the group photo before recording. One of our guests hadn't arrived by the time we were ready to record, so we left space for that person in the picture, so his or her image could be spiced in afterwards. Can you guess the identity of the latecomer?


Laraine Newman?


just kidding, Laraine Newman is a god damned treasure -- she should be knighted.

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Also, PFT doing Michael Jackson's voice is great, but damn if I don't associate "Earwolf Michael Jackson Impression" with Mookie Blaiklock now. I hope Mook ends up on Spontaneanation in the future! Btw, did anyone else Google "Michael Jackson Ventriloquist Dummy" after listening to this? Have fun sleeping now! Bwahahaha



Absolutely agree. I think Mookie should expand his repertoire a bit, and I'd love to hear more from him, but his MJ stuff is tremendous.

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I just relistened to this twice in a row- it's still great. Why hasn't Munderscore been on since?! On behalf of Earth I demand she come back!

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