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  1. ieatpants

    Episode 555 - What A Wonderful WaterWorld

    scott, if you need to google something (like edward penishands), you gotta bing it. also, wasn't there some talk a couple years ago about JW and the Timekeeper joining forces? i'm hoping to get some resolution or recapitulation on that years-old, probably inconsequential, exchange (which i may have imagined).
  2. ieatpants

    Episode 171 - Palm Springs

    a bonus free throw scripture! what a wild ep. hopefully we'll get another update from Shaun soon. Veronica was amazing and hilarious. great ep.
  3. ieatpants

    Episode 553 - Let's Write On The White

    lakeith: pop them collars scott: and other such phrases this ep was so good. Lakeith low-key dropping catchphrases was the best "jackass" "bobshell"
  4. hearing Stephanie's voice was quite a surprise. who knew she doesn't sound exactly like Diaz. also, Bojack is back in September! it looks like this may have already been common knowledge but i am pumped (to watch characters who are uncomfortably despondent)! great ep.
  5. new adventures in *borat voice* hi-fi
  6. ieatpants

    Episode 548 - Know What Iā€™m Saying?

    seriously. if you wanna find a CF, you're gonna need to get on the LIRR (at Atlantic Terminal), head towards Jamaica and from there, hop on a Babylon bound train. get off at Bay Shore. from there you could probably just walk up to the South Shore mall, but then again if you're goal is to just eat at the worst restaurant in Long Island, walking might not be your thing, in which case, just get a $5 cab ride. on a completely unrelated note, i can't wait until Gino is back on the show again.
  7. ieatpants

    plugs desires

    plugs desires, by ieatpants
  8. ieatpants

    Episode 544 - On Script

    holy crap, the first 20 minutes are amazing. great Q's and even greater A's.
  9. "it's been!" i do wonder how long it's actually been... also, nice shoutout to record exchange (now called cd/game exchange) in cleveland. i use to work there and they fired me for eating my boss's chicken sandwich by accident. good times.
  10. ieatpants

    Episode 543 - The 9th Anniversary Show!

    this group of guests is literally my dream SNL cast.
  11. great ep. for anyone who hasn't actually seen the thimbles skit (the story of everest), it's pretty amazing, and the end is one of the best moments from mr. show ever.
  12. omg that first ad for comedy bang bang was scathing. also, the instrumentation for maria's song is pretty great. love it.