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Episode 055 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service with Maurice LaMarche

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The Matts sit down to talk one of the best Bonds there is with one of the best voices there is, Maurice LaMarche. Plus, Ian Fleming and Orson Welles may stop by. Not sure, you'll have to listen.

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Arguably, it seems to me, Bond is shaken, if not by the death of any single person, but by the aggregate of all the death he's been the cause of, in a rather good moment in GOLDENEYE. That, and Famke Janssen, help make that easily the best Brosnan film.


And, of course, the other female television spy who took even less guff than Emma Peel was Mrs. Gale, with Honor Blackman a pretty formidable character in GOLDFINGER (they're gold, those two films...or maybe not), even if not up to Mrs. Gale. But on this side of the Atlantic, we didn't see Mrs. Gale for quite some time, it's true. Also, as I remember it (less a fan and also no expert), Bond seems to fail at everything except finally killing Oddjob and managing to sabotage the final Nefarious Plan (albeit even that with considerable assistence) in GOLDFINGER...


Definitely looking forward to your take, with LaMarche, on CASINO ROYALE '67, that fascinating and very fitfully impressive mess of a film.

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