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  1. Todd Mason

    Raging Bull

    Unfortunate timing to be quoting Roger Ebert's whining (which it is) about John Simon, who died this week. I vastly preferred Simon's writing on film to Ebert's...even if Simon could be more rude than he needed to be at times...as could Ebert, in that passage. Simon could praise the films (and plays, books, music) he loved in his reviews to the skies, and elegantly and intelligently.
  2. Todd Mason

    Episode 136 - Amazon Pulls Out

    Martin O'Malley was the non-starter in the 2016 Dem Pres race you were reaching for. Did only slightly better or longer than Rhode Island's favorite son...who actually had the best resume for the job, but ran an anti-serious campaign.
  3. Arguably, it seems to me, Bond is shaken, if not by the death of any single person, but by the aggregate of all the death he's been the cause of, in a rather good moment in GOLDENEYE. That, and Famke Janssen, help make that easily the best Brosnan film. And, of course, the other female television spy who took even less guff than Emma Peel was Mrs. Gale, with Honor Blackman a pretty formidable character in GOLDFINGER (they're gold, those two films...or maybe not), even if not up to Mrs. Gale. But on this side of the Atlantic, we didn't see Mrs. Gale for quite some time, it's true. Also, as I remember it (less a fan and also no expert), Bond seems to fail at everything except finally killing Oddjob and managing to sabotage the final Nefarious Plan (albeit even that with considerable assistence) in GOLDFINGER... Definitely looking forward to your take, with LaMarche, on CASINO ROYALE '67, that fascinating and very fitfully impressive mess of a film.
  4. Todd Mason

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    Joel Schlosberg is not only correct about THE HANDS OF ORLAC, but about the all kinds of variations in film since, such as MAD LOVE (a remake), Oliver Stone's THE HAND (a ripoff--HA!), and THE EYES OF LAURA MARS...
  5. Todd Mason

    Episode 435 - Jim Gaffigan Says No

    "Brass tacks": FWIW Dept.: No one is too sure of what the origin is for this idiom (or at least nobody probably should be). In such things as furniture making, they are the finishing touch...so Let's wrap up this discussion might come from that. In terms of laying it on the line/being blunt or at least straightforward, bulletin boards in businesses and government agencies used to be much bigger deals than they are now (actual, non-virtual bulletin boards). Your bosses (but not mine, myaaan) and public servants would put up a bulletin with brass tacks. And there's even some notion that it's a corrupted reference to tin tacks or even tin backs (as in buttons?). Might as well drag in the Ting Tings. But perhaps it's rhyming slang for "bare facts" or the like... http://blog.oup.com/...s-idiom-origin/
  6. Todd Mason

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    I'll probably be the twentieth or so to mention something ike this, but despite being then fifty pounds heavier than I am now, and a desk drone in my job of some years, once about five years ago I was helping my parents pack away various items in plastic storage bins, which were stacked in the family/tv room, before being filled and taken down to the basement. A few of the lids were scattered about. Somehow, not paying enough attention, I put one foot on one lid and had my other foot on another, and they slid out from under me, one forward, one backward, and I as a result did a perfect, utterly unintentional split. That stretched muscles and tendons that I hadn't often felt in action over the years, and for a moment (but happily only momentarily) hurt like hell, but the tender fries suffered no damage...I think the body instinctively manages to twist just enough to keep them out of harm's way in that circumstance, or maybe I was even luckier than I thought I was. I'll probably never do another split again, but was surprised how easy it was when one had no choice in the matter, and no lasting damage done. I don't recommend anyone else try it...though masochists might enjoy themselves...
  7. Todd Mason

    EPISODE 120 — Two Bevs Don't Make A Right

    Ms. St. Clair is going to have to work a Lot harder than that to convince many of us that she isn't as striking as she is charming and funny. But, then, I live in New Jersey.
  8. JP's schoolmate Barry Nelson was presumably named with some (maybe only eventual) knowledge of the existence of the actor, and the eventual dressing up like Bond--"Jimmy" Bond, no less, in the Nelson "Casino Royale" tv episode--seems like pretty natural consequence at least once in younger Barry's life...so, since JP was scouring his memory...Jimmy Bond also Woody Allen's character in the psychedelic '60s CASINO ROYALE film, as the Niven Bond's nephew...there are bits of that film which are quite good...then there's the rest of it...
  9. For what it's worth, the way Jimmy pronounces "Bonobos" is similar to the most common pronunciation in the UK. But the British love to murder foreign words.
  10. "I'm not from Havana" (Cleavon Little to M. Kahn in Blazing Saddles)...I vaguely recall that that probably refers to the kind of live sex shows that they demonstrate in The Godfather, and what was notable about the male performers...
  11. As you found out, "54.40 or Fight" was a matter of border dispute between the US and Canada over at what latitude the Oregon Country ended and the Columbia District in western Canada began...more or less the last time, during the 1840s, that the Yanks and Canucks (as still British colonists) were likely to go to war. Somehow I thought of "20 Flight Rock" (not even Chris Rock). I wonder if Jimmy's memory of "Detroit Rock City" might be driven in part by radio-play, where the cleanup noises/news bulletin might well've been cut off... And, even more trivially, the person with the not-quite-Besser number might've just gotten it...some third person or company might've been ignoring Pardo texts for years...
  12. Todd Mason

    Episode 203 — Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

    FWIW: Definition of MALEFICENT. : working or productive of harm or evil : baleful. (Merriam-Webster Online).
  13. Bob Saget was ripping off old Robert Bloch jokes some time back? The television, film and fiction writer (among other things) was also a common toastmaster at writer's events, and when not writing PSYCHO and the like, was prone (in the 1940s and '50s) to making jokes such as "Actually, I have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar, on my desk." This was quoted in at least one ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS anthology...but, then, it could well be parallel construction...gallows humorists thinking alike...and even also something Saget, much as I did, read as a kid and it fell back into the forebrain eventually.
  14. Todd Mason

    Episode 149 — Stinky Sword

    And also noted a few up.. Not restricted to Texas...
  15. Todd Mason

    Episode 149 — Stinky Sword

    Meanwhile, the most common version of the word Matt was reaching for is "wump" as in Mugwump, someone literally or figuratively sitting on a fence--big political label particularly in the US Civil War. Hence also the band, the Mugwumps, that had eventual members of the Mamas and Papas and the Lovin' Spoonful before they moved west (from around the DC area, rather north of Galax, VA) and could afford a lot more drugs.