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Green with Lance Bangs

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Director Lance Bangs joins Adam Scott Aukerman once again to really dig in to R.E.M.’s sixth studio album Green. They’ll talk about how the 1988 album’s release intentionally coincided with Election Day, the incorporation of the mandolin into R.E.M.’s sound, and which song has the most annoying video. Plus, they pick apart the layered vocals and share their fan club experiences.

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Wow such a cool episode! Loved hearing the rare demos, thanks Lance! Or, someone thank Lance for us. Amazing.


That said, Green is one of my least favorite REM albums. I certainly didn't have the reaction Scott did, it never turned me off of them, but I just don't get much from it. It's not awful but I just don't find it special at all. And listening to it now, I like some songs, but a lot of them just drag on. So even when I like a song initially, I end up getting impatient with by the end and being like 'ugh'.


I do like "Stand," it's one of my favorites here. Get A Life made me like it more! And I like the absurdity. Also dig "You Are My Everything" and "Untitled" and "Orange Crush." I've listened to this record for 20 years and have no idea what "The Wrong Child" is. Also do not like "Get Up" at all, one of my least favorite REM songs.


Current Album Rankings


1. Fables Of The Reconstruction

2. Murmur

3. Reckoning

4. Document

5. Lifes Rich Pageant

6. Green


After learning about Scott's reaction to "Stand," I'm very excited for the next episode and "Shiny Happy People"!

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I'm surprised Orange Crush didn't elicit a "FUNKY!" response.


I was waiting for it on one of Lance's demo tracks and couldn't believe it never came!

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I was waiting for it on one of Lance's demo tracks and couldn't believe it never came!


I was all "I'm pretty sure Les Claypool was around by then" when Scott called Meek Mills the best bass player ever. But then I heard the demo track. Suck it Les!


*That was an actual autocorrect once where I tried to type Mike Mills and it switched it to Meek Mill. Oh, 2018.

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I like "I Remember California". But then, I'm not from there. "Hairshirt", on the other hand, well, I'm not surprised to find it was all ad-libbed.


Kinda surprised how quickly Scott jumped off the R.E.M. train, all the way back here at Green. The rest of this podcast is gonna be interesting, particularly once they get to Up and beyond.

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Listening to these tracks now after many years....

I bought this album around the time it was released but, outside of the 4 big hits, I barely remember the other songs on this album. Even at the time, all the non-hits just sounded (and still do sound) like filler to me. That said, I'm probably one of the few people that like Out of Time better than this album (which also has a lot of filler, but I like the filler better?)

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World Leader Pretend is my favourite R.E.M. song.


My ranking of the songs:


1. World Leader Pretend

2. The Wrong Child

3. Untitled

4. Get Up

5. Orange Crush

6. Turn You Inside Out

7. Stand

8. Pop Song 89

9. I Remember California

10. You Are the Everything

11. Hairshirt

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