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In Topic: Episode 121 - Karaoke Night at A Small Logging Town Tavern (w/ Scott Aukerman...

17 July 2017 - 05:47 AM

Is this the closest to release they've ever recorded an episode?

I kind of miss the days when they were five months ahead, just for the reactions from the guests when they had to try to come up with plugs for what they'd be doing half a year later.

In Topic: Episode 99.5 - Bonus: The Pilot Episode (w/ Rich Sommer, Matt Gourley, Mark M...

19 February 2017 - 12:09 PM

Okay, episodes in which Eban is not in the photos:
  • 80 - Eugene Cordero
  • 99 - Craig Cacowski
Episode in which he's in the photo, but I don't think he was there:
  • 88 - Oscar Nunez
He's not in the group photo for Scott Aukerman's ep, but there's another photo of him at the piano.

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In Topic: Episode 97 - A Family-Owned Bagel Shop (w/ Cameron Esposito, Jeremy Carter, C...

30 January 2017 - 08:14 AM

Small issue, but can whoever puts the episodes on Soundcloud go back to putting the name of the guests/improvisers is the episode title. When looking back it makes it much easier to remember which is which than "97 A Family-Owned Bagel Shop" or "96 The Bell House: Live from The Bell House," like the last few episodes.