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  1. Is this the closest to release they've ever recorded an episode? I kind of miss the days when they were five months ahead, just for the reactions from the guests when they had to try to come up with plugs for what they'd be doing half a year later.
  2. Okay, episodes in which Eban is not in the photos: 80 - Eugene Cordero 99 - Craig Cacowski Episode in which he's in the photo, but I don't think he was there: 88 - Oscar Nunez He's not in the group photo for Scott Aukerman's ep, but there's another photo of him at the piano.
  3. Small issue, but can whoever puts the episodes on Soundcloud go back to putting the name of the guests/improvisers is the episode title. When looking back it makes it much easier to remember which is which than "97 A Family-Owned Bagel Shop" or "96 The Bell House: Live from The Bell House," like the last few episodes.
  4. ApathyMonger

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    I think it was a problem with Apple; none of my podcasts, Earwolf or otherwise, would update on my iPod until about three hours ago even though the feeds were updated.
  5. Aisling Bea! She's great, though it's weird seeing her in a dramatic role in The Fall.
  6. ApathyMonger

    Big Grande's The Teacher's Lounge

    Is this the first With Special Guest to get its own spin-off? There's a few others I think could definitely support a mini-series.
  7. ApathyMonger

    Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

    They changed Jason's Earwolf photo! Also, Party Over Here was cancelled, so you can probably delete that from the plugs paragraph.
  8. ApathyMonger

    Episode 294 - A Week for Solutions

    Watched the Periscope of this; great episode.
  9. Was there a lost episode somewhere? I think this is the second time recently that PFT has been a week off on saying what the release date would be.
  10. ApathyMonger


    Here's the Last Call segment: http://www.nbc.com/last-call-with-carson-daly/video/the-pistol-shrimps/3038399?onid=144391#vc144391=1
  11. ApathyMonger

    Season 3: Game 6 - Pistol Shrimps 5/10/16

    Essential Viewing:
  12. ApathyMonger

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    Scott clearly just can't wait to get to Episode 420.
  13. ApathyMonger

    Preview: The David Gregory Show

    I like that both this and Pistol Shrimps Radio were added in the same week. Two very different shows, going by this preview.
  14. ApathyMonger

    Episode 1808 - Kyle Anderson

    Hey, Sean Ryan. I've head great things about his current Suicide Squad run.