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    Seems to not have made the cut on the ep but at the show Jason started in almost immediately at how weirdly pervy and sexual this movie could be and I agreed completely. The very first sentence that we hear Martin Landau speak is "This log has a will of its own." To which I could only respond, "That's what she said." This totally set the tone for me for the whole rest of this bonkers movie. So many wood puns turned double entendre. The wallpaper on Paul's Mac would attest to the perv quotient of this movie as well. Both shows were so great! 6 for 6 at Chicago shows and they just keep getting better! Thanks guys! And check out this Jason-being-a-creeper progression during our photo op, had no clue why the lady taking the photos was taking so many pictures and laughing so hard until hours later!
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    You ever know whatever happened to the life of a mysterious glam rock megastar? Which is why my next pick for this series is... Velvet Goldmine by Todd Haynes, and starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale and Toni Collette!
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    Hold on to your butts because here's my theory, this whole movie is a lie and it is all an elaborate ruse orchestrated by his family to trick him into an arranged marriage! Let's look at the facts. First, his grandfather shows up immediately after the parents go missing. How'd he know if he'd been out of contact with the family? Then he takes Pistachio under his tutelage and gives him the family book. Their family is an ancient Italian family and their guide book is written all in English. Now his family has some American ties true but at the time this book was supposedly written America wasn't a thing and they would have written it in Italian. Also the book is oddly specific to everything his grandfather said and exactly what's going on. You can say it's just a coincidence or everything is following a script concocted by his father and grandfather. Why was Jennifer hired as his assistant? They interviewed many more qualified people who literally not given a chance. Then she magically happens to show up that moment and gets the job despite not knowing anything about it. If though they both object to her they hire her. They even start laying the seeds in about not falling in love with a big old wink. Why would they do all this? Simple, they need an heir! Pistachio is the last in the long line of this great family and is clearly a little soft in the head. His parents are aware of this, and realize that this man child is never going to attract a stable girlfriend so the family line will die with him. James Brolin contacts his father and they work out this plan. They find a willing woman, Jennifer, and either manipulate her or pay her a large sum to marry their son. However, they realize that with his obsession with large posteriors he'd never willingly go after Jennifer. It's at this point they start working on a way to get him to fall for her. This is where letting him in on the family secret with the book that basically forces him to fall in love with her comes into play. Think about it. Why else was the mystery so simple to solve? They had it all worked out that even he could solve it and he couldn't even do that! She has to tell Pistachio what to do at all times. When all is done their son is a little bit more mature and now they can have a future heir. If that fails she already has a son to past done the Disguisy name down on to. Also why would a young boy befriend a man with a dog in a day and age in which stranger danger is taught all the time? He was in on it too. I bet he wasn't even that clumsy.
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    If my memory is correct, someone else pulls the comments for him to read. I know he's incredibly busy these days so I'm not sure how much he gets on the forums anymore (if you see this Paul - you're always welcome here with open arms). So, I believe that he is truly reacting to things he reads this way because he has no idea that entire things have been omitted. Can't explain how he could forget an entire quote from Spirit of Christmas tho Also found out today that he does receive gifs on his text app so I have in fact been sending him Family gifs throughout the day lol. This is my contribution to the greater good.
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    Loved this episode until the end. How dare Michael Bay II be Electric Boogaloo. I know it's an obvious pun but I don't support his cause and I hope the "you win" doesn't mean we have given in to this terrorist. Also, how dare Paul insult my beloved SPACE JAM after spending an hour talking about F9. Is it a good movie? No, but it makes me happy. F&F isn't good either! Fight me! And I'm not around next week to defend it. I feel like this date was chosen to spite me.
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    HAHA.. ok, I'm laughing cuz I'm so confused right now. I was gonna come on and say "oh no, caller 'stole' my comment" (and WON!)...or at least, ya know, ALSO knew the same part of the story. Regardless, I was glad that the cricket dying by hammer was brought up in general. BUT THEN, Paul immediately reads my comment, and omits the part where I was referencing the fact he died by hammer in the original story. Which was kinda the whole point of the comment. lol..."REJECTED"...oh man. Not sure if that was selective editing or honest oversight. Just wonder if I can take a small slice of the caller's nothing as I see myself out. Part of my post not read: "...one element of the source material that never got mentioned was that (in the source material) when Pinocchio meets the talking cricket who warns him about being disobedient, Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him." Without that, it makes it sound like I think the cricket is a ghost for ghost sake...I was saying he's a ghost BECAUSE they were alluding to the source material and he got stepped on (rather than being hit by a hammer). ugh, now I just sound like an idiot. [trumpet: wha whaa] Also, glad he played the DDF confrontation that was edited out of the episode. It was a great part of the night.
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    Did anyone else feel like Pinocchio’s lies at the end of the movie we’re pretty fucked up and cruel? Like, I get that he’s trying to hit the monster’s gag reflex with his massive wooden nose, but there’s no rule in the movie that the growth in his nose has any correlation to the magnitude of the lie he’s telling. Instead of looking his caregiver and guardian in the eye and calling him a piece of trash, couldn’t Pinocchio have just said, “Snow is hot” or something else equally prosaic? Gepetto might be a big old sack of who-gives-a-fuck as a character, but he did risk his life to save your ass, you ungrateful little abomination. He was swallowed by a rival puppeteer. His day has been bad enough.
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    The studio must have really thought this movie was going to be a bigger deal than it was. I was reading an article about it written back in 1996 where the director, Steve Barron (who also directed the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie) says that it took two years just to get the songs rights. Stevie Wonder wrote and performed two songs for the movie. I also discovered that this film actually had trading cards. Not surprisingly, the majority of the cards seem to feature Jonathan Taylor Thomas despite him being in the film for less than five minutes. And for those of you who are thinking this is the only way to get an Udo Kier trading card, you would be wrong. He is also featured in trading cards for Barb Wire, another HDTGM classic.
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    When Jason tried comparing this movie to Harry Potter, Paul questioned who Voldemort would be in this film. I think the answer is pretty obvious:
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    I picked this image because it is about the worst image you could choose for this movie.
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    Oh shit! I didn’t realize I (co) won the C&O this week. Uh...I take back everything I said above. Paul’s decisions are flawless. But, seriously, guys. “Lotty?” I’m not even that big of a Fast and Furious fan and I know that’s wrong—lol.
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    At least your comment wasn't read verbatim by a caller which has happened a couple times.
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    That sucks, but it definitely happens. He read one of my posts for that Jackie Chan/John Cusack movie and dismissed it as me not backing up what I was saying, but he neglected to read the second paragraph of my post which was exactly the research he was complaining I didn’t have. More recently, he dismissed my Spirit of Christmas post saying I was just pulling shit out of my ass when I was directly quoting the movie. It’s all in good fun though. If you come here regular (which hopefully you will), you experience all this little fumbles. It’s all good
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    There's actually another version of movie. However, in this one, the puppet overthrows a South American government, and heads up a fascistic military dictatorship. It's called "Pinochet-o"
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    I approve this choice. It's on sale for $4.99.
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    oh man this is enough to get me back on the MM train (sorry I've been away, I got a promotion at work and it got CRAZY)
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    Did anyone else find it odd that in a story in which one of the major themes is “don’t tell lies,” that at the end of the movie—when Pinocchio tricks Felinet and Volpe into drinking the tainted amusement park water— the lesson Pinocchio appears to have learned isn’t so much ”lying is bad” but rather “when there are zero consequences, you can 100% weaponize lies to exact revenge on those who have wronged you?”
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    One thing that I thought was funny that wasn't touched on in the episode was at the beginning of the whale scene. When Pinocchio enters, Geppetto says that Pinocchio looks so skinny and asks if he has eaten. First, it's been like 3 hours since he last seen him, it's not like he would be withering away. And secondly, he's a puppet. He doesn't lose weight. My only thought is that maybe he was referring to the bullet holes after being shot. But that didn't make him skinny. P.s. loved the show and it was great meeting you.
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    I probably liked this more than most here. Maybe it's because it was constantly on tv, but I didn't have a problem with the number of characters. Sort of like high school IRL, you know of lots of kids in your class peripherally, but you don't really know their story beginning to end. My favorite part was the graduation scene. Loved the song, the choreo, the familiar faces in the audience, and the warm gold light in the auditorium. It was such a hopeful and joyous moment, but also heartbreaking because we know most of them will become struggling artists.
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    Unfortunately we know Montgomery doesn't make it. 7 years later he faces a grisly death.
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    @Cam Bert in case you didn’t see this https://www.instagram.com/p/B7uCu1DJJKh/?igshid=13l6thb1vnimq
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    So this is a minor thing but I think the Bo Derek costume was a bad idea. The opening scene reads "Palermo 1979" and you have Bo Derek dressed as her character in 10. Prior to 10 Bo Derek was in one movie, Orca, so she was a virtual unknown at the time. 10 did break her big into the public consciousness but 10 came out in October of 1979. Based on my research while I couldn't find an exact date for Italy most European countries didn't even get the movie 10 until February of the following year. Running around as Bo Derek from the movie would have been the same as running around as a generic beautiful blond. There is no way anybody in Italian would have know who she was or cared about Bo Derek from the movie 10 in 1979. The fact that Brent Spiner's character knows that it's Bo Derek means this movie either starts in November or December of 1979 or he was a big fan of the movie Orca and was looking forward to her next role.
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    If you've been following Musical Mondays, you'll find I've already told everyone my choice.
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    I'm going to shock you guys but... I don't think the Disguisey are really Italian! They CLAIM to be from Italy. HOWEVER their name ends in a Y! This is important because most Italian surnames end in a vowel, like Medici, Ferrero, or Brambilla. According to Wikipedia " A large number of Italian surnames end in i, due to the medieval Italian habit of identifying families by the name of the ancestors in the plural (which have an -i suffix in Italian). For instance, Filippo from the Ormanno family (gli Ormanni) would be called "signor Filippo degli Ormanni" ("Mr. Filippo of the Ormannos"). In time, the middle possessive portion ("of the") was dropped, but surnames became permanently pluralized and never referred to in the singular, even for a single person. Filippo Ormanno would therefore be known as Filippo Ormanni.[9] Some families, however, opted to retain the possessive portion of their surnames, for instance Lorenzo de' Medici literally means "Lorenzo of the Medici" (de' is a contraction of dei, also meaning "of the"; c.f. The Medicis). Some common suffixes indicate endearment (which may also become pluralized and receive an -i ending), for example: -ello/illo/etto/ino (diminutive "little"), e.g., Bernardello, Vettorello, Iannuccillo, Bortoletto, Bernardino, Ravellino, Verdino -one/ne (augmentative "big"), e.g., Mangione, Bellone, Capone, Pastene, Mantone, Vallone -accio/azzo/asso (pejorative[10]), e.g., Boccaccio, Terrazzo, Varasso" Also you could have an ending based on your region. The few areas where names often end in consonants are Sardinia ( apparently Sardinian is a unrelated Romance language that doesn't follow the same rules. ) , the North East (specifically Veneto and Friuli were brought up a lot on message boards . Apparently the latter is near Croatia and Slovenia and during the fascist regime names were "italiniated" with an ending i.), Names of Jewish descent ( often they were emigrants often). But those names tend to end in S, N, and ICH. S for Sardinia Like Piars, Marras, N for Veneto with Furlan, Brusadin, and for Friuli more Slavic names like Cosulich or Marinich. You get German sounding names in cities near the Austrian alps as well. However notice that not a single one of these kinds of names ends in a Y ! You want to know why?! BECAUSE ITALIAN LACKS THE LETTER Y!!!!!!! Italian has 21 letters in their alphabet and lacks J, K, W, X and Y motherfuckers! They are apparently present in loanwords , or words from other languages, and have their own pronunciation but aren't I'm the official alphabet. I'm telling you the Disguisey family are frauds! Why else would they live like extreme Italian stereotypes? To put people off the scent! It's just yet another layer of deceit! Could it have been the mistake of a careless person at Ellis island? Probably not. The myth of workers at Ellis island changing people's names is one that has been disprove n a bunch of times. Names were actually taken from ships manifests. They were most likely written in the person's country of origin and by someone who spoke the passengers language. Also interpreters were used if need be. The manifests were used to confirm the identity and then checked off. The only name change could happen if a person CHOSE IT. Also they had to do so BEFORE getting to Ellis island because it would be the name they put on the manifest! If course once in the country you could also easily drop your old identity if you wished. Therefore I believe that the "Disguisey" family went to Italy on purpose to flee and add a new layer of disguise to the family. What were they fleeing? A job gone wrong? An old enemy who was about to unmask them? Were they being kicked out of town for their flatulence? I demand answers!
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