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    I don’t want to remember Jerry Orbach this way.
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    LOL, trying to explain Tivo to June is worth the price of admission alone.
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    As I stated in my Letterboxd review I think I get what they wanted to do with this movie. They liked the classic animation style of Max Fleischer aka Betty Boop and that rubber band animation style and they wanted to do a weird live action version of that. However, much like another film that I loathed that HDTGM did, Velicopastor, they want to do a send up of something without understanding what it was they were sending up. Like Fleischer cartoons were not pushing bounties when it came to being offensive, they pushed them a bit it terms of suggestiveness perhaps, so when they had a blackface character it wasn't being edgy it is just what people did at the time. The women were sex bombs and suggestive but they didn't just have their tits out. It just seemed to me that idea was a hook to hang their hat on and what they really wanted to do was just be weird for the sake of being weird and offensive because it's easier to be offensive than come up with actual jokes. Doing things on the cheap and trying to get away with it, crouching offensive humor behind a guise of "Well these people do drag" or "this man is gay" to justify just cheap and shoddy jokes. Fun fact I own two copies of this movie but didn't watch it until the other day. Both were gifted to me by people that know I like weird movies and I like bad movies. To be fair to them on paper it does seem like something I would enjoy. If I was 20 years younger I may think different as I do now. The funny thing is earlier this year I watched a documentary on the band The Residents and they talked about this movie briefly in it. The Elfmans were friends with The Residents and they were filming it in their space. There is a difference in what the difference between what the The Residents were doing and what Forbidden Zone was doing. One is actual art with something to say. The execution comes off as weird but they are trying to say something. Forbidden Zone wants to be that but has nothing to say. Heck, Holy Mountain and El Topo are bizarre surrealist movies but again they are trying to say something.
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    The movie was originally in black-and-white when released but has since been colorized. I highly recommend the color version. It's easier on the eyes and to distinguish various details. If anyone wants to see the black-and-white version I plan to Kast it on Thursday night at 9 p.m. Eastern and Friday night at 7. The colorized version will be Kasted on Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern. It's available for free at TubiTV, and for rent on other services. It's also available if you have subscriptions to various services, Fandor being one of them. I own it on Prime so I will probably show that service's copy on Friday. It's not much different from the Blu-Ray. Here's the Justwatch page. EDIT: It's only 70-some minutes long so you won't have too much of your time to ask to get back.
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    So, before there was the band Oingo Boingo, led by Danny Elfman, there was a performance troupe called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, led by Danny's brother Richard. Danny was in the group as well as Richard's now-ex wife Marie-Pascale. Richard wanted to capture the spirit of the performance troupe as well as the energy and created this movie. It is decidedly NOT family-friendly nor good taste-friendly. Starring Herve Villechaize and the bartender from Rockula, I give you
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    "Sometimes the earwolf boards suck ass" - Paul Scheer Cool. Thanks, Paul. It was really cool of you to say that. I think it's fine that you spend more time on your discord than the message boards. I didn't join these boards for interaction with the hosts. It makes more sense to be on discord or twitter because more people are on those platforms. They are newer and fresher and message boards are slowly dying. I use discord regularly and joined Paul's discord (but am not posting because I'm not vibing with it which is totally fine). It seems incredibly rude to the people running the message boards and the people who post here who have made as welcoming a community as I've found on the internet. The only time the boards have been bad are 1. When outsiders come to post once to complain anytime a lesbian is a guest on the show then never ever post again and 2. the one time they were down to change servers (which is a totally understandable thing). So, I don't know what Paul is talking about on saying the boards "suck ass" but there's no way to hear it that's not insulting. Because in no way do they suck ass.
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    Me watching this movie with my eyes closed and fingers in my ears humming...
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    I moved in October and now I'm like blocks away from... PICO AND SEPULVEDA
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    Crazy thought but should we all post photos of our dads??
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    Initially, I wasn't super into the narration. I'm not a big fan of voiceover, it has to really fit perfectly, and I didn't really think it was needed here at first. But Gonzo and Rizzo won me over pretty fast. They quickly feel both necessary and not at all in the way of the story, which is a good trick of writing. And of course this
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    As for this one, the idea of using Gonzo and Rizzo as narrators is genius. They're both such wonderful comic relief and get a lot of the exposition out of the way to make room for songs and character development. I love how unique the three spirits all look, and how genuine Caine's performance is. He goes from being the perfect embodiment of the greedy Scrooge archetype to a joyous lover of humanity in such a believable way. And hell, this is probably the best Tiny Tim: a mythological ideal of childlike innocence, one impossible to create with an actual human child. But an adorable little frog puppet? Holy shit, I believe in that Tiny Tim. He's like Baby Yoda, buy fuzzy and with an adorable singing voice!
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    This is probably the best version of A Christmas Carol. It makes me wish Michael Caine also did a straight version just to see what it was like.
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    I looked him up and Joe Spinnell is Willi Cicci in the first two Godfather movies. He would have been in the third movie but he passed away the year before filming started.
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    But seriously, I had a massive migraine yesterday and couldn't start watching this until last night. I just finished it. Honestly, I'm not too sure what to think of it. Let's see if I can work it out. My prevailing feeling is one of nausea. Like, the whole thing is gross. Not just with the sexism and racism, but just everything about it turned my stomach. However, I think this was absolutely the type of visceral reaction they were hoping for, so, like Mission Accomplished? It felt very student art filmy. Very punk rocky. very John Waters-y. But, without the deftness of any of those things, and kind of fails at everything it is trying to do. Like, if I look at it at a Comedy, I don't think it's very funny. If I look at it as a Musical, *most* of the numbers are intentionally terrible. It also misses me as an Art Film as it seems to lack a point beyond lets be as offensive as we can be. I mean, there's a word for people like that, and it's "asshole." So...the movie is kind of a big asshole. Again, I feel like that was very much the intention of the film, so I guess it succeeds. In a weird way, I'm glad I saw it. It's definitely not something I would have ever picked for myself, I hadn't even heard of it before, and that's what I like about Musical Mondays. It forces me to go outside of my comfort zone. That being said, I would neve want to watch this ever again. It is pretty fucking distasteful -- lol.
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    If you've heard the Oingo Boingo song Forbidden Zone then you've heard the movie's title track.
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    If you like Dr. Demento's theme song, Pico and Sepulveda, it's included in the movie as a set-up to showing where the dad works.
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    This sounds really cool. I love Oingo Boingo so it should be pretty interesting.
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    Where did all of the old forum members end up? I heard Tim Treese had sex on that earwolf table he bought and the sweat made all of the sharpie signatures rub off on his skin like tattoos.
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    It's not curently in the Disney+ version but it will eventually be. They're restoring it for the 4k Blu-Ray. Here's a decent-quality version in the meantime.
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    Speaking of One More Sleep 'Til Christmas, the artist Kevin Wilson created two amazing posters based on the song.
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