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    Well thank you, all and Paul. I did not expect to win because I contributed nothing to the discussion. But I also win nothing so that’s fair. I just listened to this after my one year post surgery cancer check up. So I did tear up which is possibly not related to my winning nothing but more because I also just got a call that all the tests and blood work came back normal. Yay me.
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    Congratulations @Elektra Boogaloo! Well deserved win!
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    Okay, if they did “Oh Hello” Jumanji crossover I would be very happy. Because I loved the first Jumanji, mostly because of Jack Black. And Jack Black has to be—mostly—the Black football player that Kevin Hart played in #1 in the second and I was NERVOUS. Because that could get racist real fast. And I was like, “oh he is actually better at it than Kevin Hart was” (because Kevin Hart was really just doing himself). But I was mad because I thought his character in Jumanji 1, Madison, was the real character that had the strongest arc and saved Joe Jonas and I was happy. And she is BARELY in 2. So I was pissed. Like I had to listen to the Rock do this weird Jewish stereotype voice (DeVito isn’t Jewish, is he?) and I didn’t get to see her at all. The Rock and Hart clearly think they are funny but they... shouldn’t be allowed. Karen Gillan does get fight the Hound (from Game of Thrones) with nunchucks which is kinda fun but I wish she got to kill Thanos instead.
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    Old men who live in glass houses should move to regular houses, because nobody wants to see them saggy nuts
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    The early bird gets the worm. So sleep late or we'll make you eat a worm, you overenthusiastic fucker!
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